Floribama Shore season 2 episode 22 video: Prepare for Codi’s parents!

Floribama SHore season 2On tomorrow night’s Floribama Shore season 2 episode 22, be prepared for more of a family affair than ever before! For the first time, Codi’s parents are going to be appearing on the series and what is probably coming along with that is plenty of entertainment … and also possibly chaos.

One thing that is fascinating, just from watching the sneak peek that we have for you below, is that Codi does not have anywhere close to the same perception of his parents as many other young people do. You often hear, time and time again, from young people who are embarrassed in some way by their mom and dad and resist the idea of spending time with them for any sort of visit. That is clearly not what is going on here. Instead, Codi is welcoming his family coming for a visit with open arms and appears to be more than excited to have them around. He recognizes that there is a lot of fun that could come out of getting the two of them in Panama City Beach and claims that they are the coolest parents ever.

Also, Codi’s father makes it very clear on the phone with him that he’s planning to drink … so there’s that.

While getting Codi’s parents down in the area is obviously going to benefit him infinitely more than it will just about anyone else, we do think (so long as they mostly behave themselves) that them coming could be a net positive for everyone. Bringing in new people is almost a distraction from the typical drama of the house and it leads to people thinking and behaving a little bit differently than they would perhaps otherwise. It’s a chance to bring a lot of people together, even if it is for a brief period of time before all of the craziness comes in and hits the fan once more. There are certain things that are just constant with a show like this and the presence of constant conflict is pretty high up on the list.

By the end of this episode, we do expect some sort of better understanding as to what Codi’s home life is like — if nothing else, it gives us a little more context to better understand his life outside the show. That’s where he’s been in the months since season 2 wrapped, and we still have to wait and see whether or not we are going to get a season 3 down the road. MTV has kept some of their cards close to the vest there, but we are hopeful.

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