Outlander season 4 episode 11 photos (part 1): Brianna at River Run

OutlanderWelcome to our first Outlander season 4 episode 11 photo preview! Starz has released a larger-than-expected batch of photos from this episode, and with that in mind, we’re going to be splitting up the preview into three parts rather than our normal two.

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For this preview, the focus is almost entirely on the character of Brianna, who (as you can see above) is now many months along in her pregnancy. She is staying at River Run while Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian look for Roger, knowing that this is the safest place for her and her baby. River Run isn’t exactly an idyllic locale (to put it lightly), but there will be people there to help look after her and while there, she may end up encountering some people from Jamie and Claire’s past — and we’re not just speaking about Aunt Jocasta.

Of course, there are also some other people whose arrival will be less than pleasant.



These two photos signal the arrival of someone new in Mr. Forbes (Billy Boyd), a man who could turn up at River Run and end up becoming a suitor for Brianna’s hand in marriage. That’s at least what he wants, and there could be some external pressure put on Brianna to have this marriage happen. He is a prominent member of local society and to go along with that, we imagine that the pairing would prove advantageous on some level to Jocasta.

Yet, we know Bree to be a determined person, and that means that she’s almost certainly going to shy away from the idea of marrying someone she does not love — especially someone like this, who she barely knows, while she does continue to hold out hope that Roger is out there and the two of them can find a way back to each other.


At least Brianna does have someone to talk to … right? This image features her alongside Phaedre, who we’ve come to understand as one of River Run’s kinder souls. While she may not have all of the pertinent information as to what is going on with Bree’s life, at the same time she is at least able to be some sort of sounding board for her. There are not many other outlets that she may have upon her arrival.


So what is Bree doing here? It appears as though she’s looking at some sort of piece of art, but because of the angle, it’s difficult to see what the purpose of this particular scene is.

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