Chicago Fire season 7 episode 10 review: Stella, Severide’s sadness; fire aftermath

Chicago Fire season 7At the center of Chicago Fire season 7 episode 10 on NBC Wednesday night was one thing more than anything else: An arson.

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In the opening minutes of tonight’s episode we got validation that Casey and Naomi did in fact survive the blaze at his apartment and soon after that, it was abundantly clear that someone did so intentionally. We don’t think that was really meant to be all that much of a mystery, though — what other outcome could there really be to the end of the fall finale? There wasn’t anyone that made any sense other than that it was connected to the very people who Casey and Naomi just exposed. This was their chance to destroy some of the evidence before the piece got published and they ran with it.

Yet, Casey and Naomi were able to trace the fire back to them, get the proof, and then have the responsible parties arrested. They were victorious in being able to at least get justice over what happened, though at the same time that doesn’t replace all of the stuff that Casey lost.

Now, we have to come to this question: Was Naomi altogether likable at the end of the episode? We do think that she was reasonably encouraging to Casey and cares about him, but she also seemed to be reasonably nonchalant about the fact that the dude lost all of his stuff. Then, she ended up leaving for an assignment in Zurich. Obviously if that’s her job, that’s her job and it would be horrible for Casey to ask for her to leave it. Nonetheless, this does feel like a really-abrupt ending for a relationship that was becoming so intense in such a quick period of time.

Other relationship news

This one is bad for Stella and Severide, as it seems as though his spiral is officially costing him his relationship. Stella told him at the end of tonight’s episode that she couldn’t be with him anymore because she wasn’t going to be able to properly handle some of his frequent spirals following the death of his father. It was going to be too much for her to take on. He was right about Tyler, but that doesn’t mean that she all of a sudden wants to leap back into his arms.

Severide right now is a mess; the only thing that seems to be giving him a little bit of peace is getting back into the boat-repair business, which he’s doing as a means of distracting himself presumably from some of his pain and doing something that is a separate reality altogether.

The comedic story of the week

For this one, you just have to look towards Sylvie Brett and her decision, with the help of one Emily Foster and others, to arrange a special fire-safety presentation for seniors. She got together something that was really fun and energetic, thinking that she was going to be speaking to high-school seniors. Instead, they were senior citizens and her entire idea went kaput before it really got off the ground.

We’re actually kinda-bummed that we couldn’t see the full presentation, though! This should be some sort of Chicago Fire alternate universe deleted scene where Brett, Foster, and others have to do their fire-safety presentation. The best part of the entire storyline was that Mouch knew the entire time that this presentation was for senior citizens and didn’t say anything about it at all.

CarterMatt Verdict

Were we surprised to see Naomi leave the show at this point? Sure, but at least we know that Casey’s apartment is safe. The rest of the episode was a mixture of happiness and sadness. While we’re frustrated at Kelly Severide once more, at least we do still feel like there’s a small sliver of hope … though it’s going to get even smaller if he doesn’t realize that Stella is one of the few people in his life who is ready to be there and help him.

One thing we’ll offer is that this episode could’ve used a little bit more of Cruz, Otis, and Herrmann, but with a cast this big you’re not going to get all of the firehouse favorites in there all the time.

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