Lucifer season 4 release theories: A tale of two different dates

LuciferIf there is one thing that we’ve learned from Netflix over time, it is that they are really clever when it comes to their marketing. These are people who announced Black Mirror: Bandersnatch formally just one day before it premiered to great success. Meanwhile, there are also people who sent out a release-date announcement for Stranger Things at midnight on New Year’s Day — basically guaranteeing that they could be the first news item of 2019.

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Now, we wonder just what sort of magic Netflix could have up their sleeve in regards to LuciferAt present, we know that the streaming service is going to launch new episodes in 2019. We also know that filming is complete. With all of this in mind, the primary order of business at present should be finding a way for Netflix to deliver some great promotion for what lies ahead.

Given the success of Stranger Things announcing its premiere date on January 1, there are some interesting stunts that Lucifer could also consider here.

The trailer – We don’t think that we’re several months out from seeing it, unless Netflix really wants to take their time in moving towards the show coming back.

While we know that Lucifer is not exactly a romance by any means, there is a lot of love in the story — let alone temptation, complicated feelings, and romantic pasts coming back to the forefront. Wouldn’t it be kind of fun if the Lucifer trailer comes out on Valentine’s Day? Netflix could probably theme it in a fun, cheeky way and it could generate some attention at a time in which most shows are not known to release trailers. Plus, our hope for a while has been that new episodes will come in the spring and this would fit that timeline perfectly.

The premiere date – Netflix likes to launch most of their shows on Fridays. Given that Lucifer is a show that takes a cheeky look at a Biblical character, why not choose a rather Biblical date in Good Friday? April 19 is when the holiday lands this year, and while we understand that this could be controversial to some, it’s like the same group of people who draw generalizations on the show based on the title anyway. What these people don’t quite realize is that Lucifer Morningstar is so much more than just a devil, and that the show is not trying to shove some religious commentary down your throat.

We also just think that late April would be a great time to launch the show — save for Game of Thrones (which is admittedly a big one — but it’s only six episodes), there aren’t too many other shows specifically releasing in that month.

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