The Bachelor video: Bri comes clean to Colton about Australian accent

Bri BarnesJust in case you were wondering, Bri on this season of The Bachelor does not keep her Australian accent (or lack thereof) a secret for all of the season.

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The moment of Bri faking her accent after her limo accent is one of the more talked-about sequences from Monday’s premiere event, but the strange thing about the aftermath of it is that ABC didn’t actually show anything else substantial from her on the night the rest of the way. Instead, we spent most of the way-too-long three-hour premiere event seeing past couples, watching random marriage proposals, and then also seeing Catherine steal Colton Underwood from a number of other women.

Yet, the official sneak peek below (via Us Weekly) confirms the truth about Bri and what she said to Colton later. She admitted to him that the fake accent is more or less a parlor trick that she does to showcase a fun side of herself … which he seems to be okay with. Perhaps we took the implications of fake accent-gate a little bit too seriously in our early coverage / our premiere video, mostly because we wondered if it’d lead to questions as to whether or not Colton would be able to tell if she was genuine the rest of the way.

Yet, there is a component to this that we weren’t quite considering fully, and that is the understanding of limo exits that Colton has as opposed to what someone like us has from the outside looking in. He may be a little bit more forgiving when it comes to limousine exit gimmicks just because he understands that it’s a TV show and production is probably egging the contestants on to do some ridiculous stuff — since Bri has a rather-convincing Australian accent (or at least she did for a few seconds), that was something easy for her to pull off.

As for why this didn’t make the show (even though it should), we’re guessing that it really doesn’t turn into anything. Colton takes her admission in stride and then they talk about her job as a model — not the most exciting stuff in the known world. Of course, our counter-argument at the moment is that if you are going to set up a story where someone does something crazy like fake an accent, shouldn’t you show the other side of it? There are going to be a lot of casual viewers who don’t see this over the next few days and are very confused…

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What do you think about Colton being cool with accent-gate, and about The Bachelor not putting this in the episode? Be sure to share now in the attached comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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