New Amsterdam episode 10 review: Did Max survive? His love story

NBC logoNew Amsterdam episode 10 offered something that we hadn’t quite seen for most of the season, and it’s valuable: A genuine path forward. Secrets are no longer secret, and it seems as though there is an actual plan for Dr. Max Goodwin to move forward.

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Max is going to survive, which shouldn’t be altogether shocking since of course New Amsterdam would not want to kill off its lead character. What was a little bit more surprising was the way in which it came about, with Georgia working to help save him in the field (with Dr. Sharpe’s help via phone) and then her saving him by accident in the hospital. Her kissing him on his hospital bed was straight out of a fairy-tale, especially when it comes to how the contact to his skin helped to expose an issue related to his cancer. The medical team was able to then properly treat him and with that, he was on the road to recovery.

Much of this episode was in its own way a real-life fairy-tale given that we got a sense of Max and Georgia’s love story from the very beginning. We saw how they met at the clinic he ran in Chinatown, and then beyond that we saw how he proposed to her in a super-romantic setting on the street. We also saw the darker side of things in how their relationship fell apart when Max took the New Amsterdam position without telling her. The great thing about Max Goodwin as a character is that he’s driven. The bad thing is that he’s obsessive. He likes to know what is happening at all times and wants to be a hero to everyone. What he forgets about in the process here is how to take care of himself and how to make others feel loved. Max did find his way back to her through the first part of this season and that is what made his collapse and near-death experience all the more traumatizing.

Through seeing how Max works at this hospital, and also how he is working to find a way to also be there for her, it was Georgia who actually convinced him to stay on board as Medical Director at New Amsterdam despite agreeing to chemotherapy and the lengthy recovery that goes along with it. He’s going to have to learn how to delegate, but there seems to be an agreement here that even Max at 40% of his powers is better than anyone else in this job. He also has some of the doctors conditioned at this point to follow his lead that nobody else can even take his job. Take, for example, Dr. Frome helping the lead the nurses on a walkout or Dr. Reynolds giving a surgery to a woman despite her having terrible insurance.

How worried should we be for Dr. Bloom?

While it was great to see Max in recovery, there are legitimate reasons to worry that Dr. Bloom’s Adderall problem is only going to get worse as time goes on. Telling Dr. Sharpe is a step in the right direction but like with Max, she has her own issues with going into overdrive on work and neglecting herself. We’re hoping that Max’s situation is a wake-up call, mostly in how she realized that she needed to pass him along to another doctor since she wasn’t in the proper state in order to treat him.

Yet, addiction is addiction. Resolving it rarely follows a straight line and we should be prepared for that.

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CarterMatt Verdict

New Amsterdam episode 10 did a good job of resolving the cliffhanger from the fall finale, and we especially appreciated that it was more about a personal story rather than dramatics. Since there was so little concern over Max Goodwin’s fate, it was nice for the writers to pivot instead and tell the story of Max and Georgia’s relationship throughout. We hope this is a relationship that lasts given that there are so few medical dramas that feature truly-stable romances, especially when one of them is not actually a hospital employee.

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