Chicago PD season 6 episode 10 review: Ruzek’s career-changing choice

Patrick John FluegerAs we reflect on Chicago PD season 6 episode 10 following it airing on NBC Wednesday night, one thing feels clear: Adam Ruzek made a key decision that will affect everything. Whether or not it was the right or wrong move remains to be seen, but it’s certainly one that represents him taking the reigns of a perilous, difficult situation.

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What we are talking about here stems mostly from the end of the fall finale when Antonio Dawson made the move to kill Rizzo, who had tormented his daughter in addition to being an unstable criminal and drug junkie. Now, Ruzek has formally decided to take the fall for it. Through much of the episode, Hank Voight tried in every single way possible to convince Ruzek to change his course and allow someone else to help him — in his mind, it was the one way in order to ensure that there was a better ending for him. Voight felt as though he was more equipped to take the fall and deal with COPA (he does have a knack for finding a way to squirm out of situations like this). Also, he felt like it was his job to protect his team. That’s why he sent Antonio off in the first place at the start of the episode.

Yet, Adam would not allow Voight to take the fall this time, in part because he had started to take things down this road from the moment IRT showed up. Beyond that though, he didn’t want the entire Intelligence Unit to crumble in case things went sideways. He was aware of the fact that if he was eventually arrested or his career was over, Voight would be able to keep everyone else moving forward. He felt a loyalty to Antonio and wasn’t going to sell him out. This is a brotherhood — hence the title of the episode. That loyalty meant more to Adam than anything including his career or his relationship with Upton.

Speaking of which, this decision by Ruzek ended up exposing his romantic relationship in a way that he had not planned or anticipated. Halstead ended up hearing a heated discussion between Ruzek and Upton that gave him enough information to realize that the two were in fact together. It was a nice move on the part of the series to remind us that Jay is a cop and not to have to spell everything out for him. He got enough information to know exactly what the situation was and how to deal with it. Upton also admitted to Voight verbally that she and Adam were dating, though he had figured that out a while back.

A crash course into Ruzek’s past

The storyline leading up to Adam’s COPA hearing was not the only focus for him in this episode, as a series of carjackings led to a case that needed to be investigated at a place that was close to home. Whether it be a CI who Adam knew for many years or some people who grew up close to him, many of the people involved in the case tonight knew him from an early age. It showed us more of the sort of world Ruzek has been around for much of his life and how easily he could’ve ended up not becoming a cop.

The most interesting part of this story was that in some ways, the CI himself was trying to show loyalty towards his own people he cared about. He had a brotherhood of his own and he didn’t want to be responsible for it crumbling. There are some elements of him and Ruzek that are alike, though their paths diverged at some point years ago.

This storyline, while not essential to the closing minutes, did produce an excellent car chase! It also allowed Platt to get out into the field a little bit more given that with Antonio out of commission for a while, Voight needed the extra help. It was Platt who tried to set things up so that Voight could take the fall for Antonio instead of Ruzek, but that was an offer Adam refused.

CarterMatt Verdict

Following an outstanding fall finale Chicago PD season 6 keeps its winning streak alive with an episode that was personal and also one with a solid case. It moved the story forward while at the same time not deviating from the formula and delivered another great performance from Patrick John Flueger, who is having an outstanding season as a whole with dark, meaty material.

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