This Is Us season 3 episode 11: A story of Songbird Road (and of Nicky)

This Is Us season 2When This Is Us season 3 returns to the air on NBC next week, they may start to get us on the road to Nicky. Yet, at the same time we don’t want to assume that the premiere episode arrives and we are, all of a sudden, completely there. At present, all Kevin Pearson knows is that his uncle’s death was not recorded to have transpired in Vietnam. He may be dead somewhere else, or Kevin could just assume that this was an oversight or a mistake. There are so many different ways in which he could just take this information and move forward.

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Yet, Kevin Pearson is someone who went all the way to Vietnam for answers; do you really think that he’s going to let this go? By the time we get to season 3 episode 11 (entitled “Songbird Road: Part 1”), some time will have passed and Kevin may have started to piece together some information. This could be when the Nicky story really takes off.

For the first hint, check out the official This Is Us season 3 episode 11 synopsis below:

01/22/2019 (09:00PM – 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : Rebecca and the Big Three reckon with secrets Jack kept from them. Jack’s Vietnam story continues to be revealed. TV-14 V

More on Songbird Road

Here is the information that really proves we’re gearing up for a big Nicky story — Songbird Road is actually a road in Bradford, Pennsylvania, which is where Nicky Pearson is apparently living judging from the address we saw. What’s actually super-interesting about this is that this road is apparently so off-the-beaten-path that there is not even a Streetview option for it on Google Maps. It appears to be heavily forested with a fairly-narrow road. Basically, this was deliberately chosen by the writers, likely for both A) the name of the road and its relation to other characters on the show and B) its status within the greater town of Bradford. It’s the sort of place where someone like Nicky would live, hoping to be away from most of the world.

If we were talking with the writers, what we’d be most curious to learn is whether or not they chose Songbird Road before or after deciding that Nicky would live in Bradford.

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