Manifest episode 11 preview: Can Autumn actually be trusted?

ManifestWhen Manifest episode 11 airs on NBC in one week’s time, it shouldn’t be a shock that there are many questions for it to answer. One of the biggest ones is going to revolve around Autumn, who we’ve already come to know for her shiftiness. Can she be a redemptive character at some point? What side will she eventually land on? Maybe this upcoming episode is actually going to offer up a few more answers. If nothing else, we do have a feeling that this is going to be one of the more fascinating character studies that we have a chance to see this season. With most of the characters, we do at least have some sort of sense of their moral alignment. She’s a little bit different, and obviously intentionally so.

Below, the Manifest episode 11 synopsis offers up some more insight right now on what is coming up:

01/14/2019 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : Willing to follow any lead to keep his son safe from The Major, Ben (Josh Dallas) heeds Cal’s (Jack Messina) calling to help Captain Daly (Frank Deal) clear his name for what happened to Flight 828. The journey uncovers a seeming conspiracy that stems all the way back to the day the plane disappeared. Meanwhile, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) assists Autumn (Shirley Rumierk) in her own journey of redemption – but has Autumn truly set out to redeem herself, or is she still working against the passengers? Also starring Athena Karkanis and J.R. Ramirez.

One of the most interesting threads for us as we dive further into the second part of this season is just how far we are going to be seeing Ben go in order to keep his son safe. We know already that he is in a somewhat-precarious position here in that he doesn’t have the same access to his son that he did. Understandably, Grace wants to keep him safe, but she doesn’t fully recognize the sense of danger that he is in unless he’s somewhat close to his father. These two have a bond that is specific to their circumstance and he understands Cal’s danger more so than anyone.

Will this episode give you answers to Flight 828?

We’re not holding our breath on that, mostly because there are still so many different variables that are out there within this story and issues at play. We’ll be lucky if we get something a little bit more definitive come finale time.

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