Madam Secretary season 5 episode 11 review: Elizabeth’s vow renewal

Madam SecretaryLet’s face it — going into Sunday night’s new Madam Secretary episode, it was pretty clear that Elizabeth McCord was going to be able to stop the family separation. This is a show that tends to be rather optimistic in nature and it was just too difficult to envision a scenario in which they would be cool having this policy go on forever.

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What was a little more surprising (and welcome) was seeing the rather-interesting way in which the show went about finding a way to both shut down the controversial Arizona Governor and, in turn, allow for a chance for her to get out of prison. Once there was some movement there, we could then move on to the next thing and the event that has been in the making for a while: The vow renewal! Elizabeth and Henry actually had an opportunity to celebrate their relationship in a way that they really haven’t, but here is the twist: Having to basically do so from within the walls of the prison. There wasn’t really a way in which to have the ceremony work outside of prison.

Despite Elizabeth still being locked up at the time in which it happened, there was still something sweet and romantic about seeing the two of them exchange vows in this same, bizarre situation. They found a way to make this work for them.

On the other side of the ceremony…

That’s when the news came out that the bill had passed at the White House and the Governor had to admit defeat. Some after that, some of the families were reunited and Elizabeth was able to leave prison. She got have her vow renewal but, to go along with that, also a happy ending. Consider this a situation where everyone actually does win!

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was a nice way to wrap up the two-part “Family Separation” arc, and while we do think that there was a universe in which Elizabeth does not get out of prison, we’re glad that she did and that she can go forward and be Secretary of State once more.

Also, we should acknowledge that we’re probably going to be inching ever closer to some good news coming in the future when it comes to Elizabeth and the Presidency. While being arrested isn’t always a good look, in this particular case we think that it is going to actually help her. After all she did for these people, she is more of a hero than ever. (She confirmed that she is running at the end of the episode.)

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