Gotham season 5 episode 2 promo offers tiny Batman tease

GothamThere are some exciting things that are coming up on Gotham season 5 episode 2, but one of the biggest ones is for down the road: Batman.

For those who have not heard for whatever reason, the upcoming season is going to feature a situation featuring the Dark Knight … even if it is not until the series finale. You’re going to be seeing in that particular installment Batman show up as a part of a flash-forward to what the show’s version of a modern-day Batman comic is, complete with some of its most-notable characters. We don’t foresee that Gotham is going to take too many risks when it comes to their Batman costume, mostly because there is no real reason to. We’d just go with a traditional look and style for the character, given that we’ve had such a nontraditional path to make it to that point.

One other thing to think about at the moment here is Jeremiah — the character has an enormous presence in the video below, which probably shouldn’t come as a shock even though it does. Cameron Monaghan may not be a series regular, but there is no denying that this character is enormously popular. More so than that, though, he is the biggest threat to the entire city. He’s capable enough to destroy Gotham and crazy enough to actually do it — that’s not a combination that you get with many other villains in the series.

So what’s even motivating Jeremiah at this point? We do think that it is a fascinating thing to wonder about and the answer, more than likely, is just one word: Bruce Wayne. Jeremiah has already executed some of his plans, but he has an innate curiosity with Bruce and he’s someone he hasn’t been able to defeat just yet. Don’t be surprised if many of his moves now are with hurting Bruce in mind, and that this is the show’s version of the Joker / Batman parallel. Since the series cannot really go down that particular road fully, this is the next best thing that they can do in order to get us that same feeling.

If you do love some of the other villains in Gotham, whether it be Penguin, the Riddler, or others, rest assured — they are going to have an enormous role to play on this show before it is all over.

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