God Friended Me episode 12: Who is Simon Hayes? Cara’s birthday

God Friended Me episode 12Tonight, God Friended Me episode 12 came back on the air after a lengthy hiatus and with that, it packed a lot of content in.

For starters, though, we should make it clear that there was no answer to what is happening with the God Account. Yet, there is a new name that is worth recounting and remembering: Simon Hayes. As it turns out, he is a super-wealthy man thousands of miles away, and he is someone who could be involved in at least offering up some answers. We learned tonight that he did work with Pria and Henry Chase at one point in their efforts to make the world a better, stronger place. He’s someone who is forming some rather-fascinating connections with the team beyond just the God Account, with the closing minutes of the episode being further proof of that. After all, the company was sold to him at the end of the episode!

What Simon knows, and how much he chooses to disclose what he knows, should be an interesting mystery as the show starts to move forward. We at least know that he is someone worth hunting down — and that Pira shouldn’t be thought of as any sort of enemy.

Also in this episode, it was Cara’s birthday! Yet, she didn’t really want to celebrate it all that much because of what happened in her past. That was a strain between her and her mom — she wasn’t entirely sure as to how to move forward after some of what she’d gone through but she was at least willing to do her best to try. Her mom did show up at the end of the episode and gave them a box full of cards that she had written her over the years — even though she didn’t send them. That was a reminder that her mother did care about her still and that’s something that could resonate now the road.

As for Miles’ own personal life, it does look as though that is going in an adverse direction — he’s suddenly single as Nia opted to end the relationship. Why? He was struggling to separate things between the God Account and his personal life. Technically, Nia was right with every single thing that she said — it may not have to do with specific feelings that he had for Cara, but we definitely think that the closeness that is there between the two of them could be threatening to anyone who comes into Miles’ life — but the same thing also goes for Cara. That’s probably one of the best reasons to think that the two could end up getting together down the road.

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