Blue Bloods season 9: When should Jamie get another promotion?

Blue Bloods season 9

In today’s Blue Bloods season 9 feature piece, we’re taking a look at the future — specifically, the long-term future for Jamie Reagan.

At present, we know a thing or two about the job status of Jamie — he’s a Sergeant, and he has taken his time getting to that position on the NYPD. He has not rushed himself to get to this point, and spent a good bit of time heading out into the field. As a matter of fact, he’s loved being out in the field. It’s what helps to complete him as a cop and a person.

What he seems to like about the most about being a Sergeant is that he’s got a little bit of the best of both worlds. He does get to have a little bit more leadership within the NYPD, while at the same time not sacrificing some of what he likes about his former position. Despite his insecurities (which we’ve seen a number of so far), he’s done a rather good job at proving himself here.

Now, the question that you have to wonder is simply this: Will he remain in this post forever? We cannot say that we expect this to be the end of the road for Jamie at the NYPD. He’s probably the most-likely of the two Reagan sons to be Commissioner down the line, but there are a number of steps he’d need to take to get to that point. Can we anticipate him becoming Lieutenant or a Captain this season? It’s an interesting thing to consider, not that we’re confident that the writers are going to push something forward too quickly when it comes to that particular part of his career. We’re anticipating a little more patience and that the creative team is going to focus more on Jamie and Eddie’s wedding this season. On the other side, maybe they start looking at pushing him up the career ladder more.

In the end, the biggest reason why we don’t think Blue Bloods is going to want to hurry things along here is simply due to the fact that they like show with its current dynamics. You don’t want to push Jamie forward too fast to the point where he’s not in the field that much. It’s great to think about his future already, but there really is no point in rushing it.

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