Ray Donovan season 6 episode 11: How worried should we be for Bridget?

Ray DonovanRay Donovan season 6 episode 11 is coming right around the corner on Showtime, and we don’t think that we have to spell out to anyone right now how important this installment is. We don’t even need the chilling promos out there with the “Amazing Grace” music to indicate that to us.

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This is a pivotal, game-changing episode right around the corner, and we shouldn’t really be surprised about the timing. In the modern age of premium cable, the second-to-last episode is where creators often like to make the biggest, boldest swings. Think here about Game of Thrones, who have featured everything from the death of Ned Stark to the Red Wedding in penultimate episodes. What makes the timing work here is that you can deliver the big shocker, only to then also give yourself another installment to deal with the aftermath of it.

If the goal entering Sunday’s episode was to legitimately make us think that the series could write out Bridget, here’s what you need to know — they are delivering on that. The promotion and the hype makes us think that this may not be a ruse. Killing Bridget would arguably send Ray down the point of no return and make the finale + season 7 incredibly dark and intense. This would be a man with nothing to lose and revenge constantly on his mind.

Is this actually best for the show, though? It really just depends on what you want Ray Donovan to be. If you’re feeling is that the show is at its best when it is violent, shocking, and brutal, then maybe Bridget dying is the best means to an end possible. If you want to see Ray find a greater sense of happiness, however, you want to see her found and okay. We consider ourselves more in the latter group, mostly because we like redemption stories and there’s a capability here for Ray to have a greater relationship with his daughter. He just lost his wife last season, so we don’t really think that we also need to see one other important person vanish from his life.

One way or another, we’re about to find out — we just hope that you’re braced for the outcome, whatever it may be.

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