Chicago PD season 6 episode 10 video: Is Voight taking the fall?

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserAfter a really long wait Chicago PD season 6 episode 10 is arriving on NBC next week — and it’s going to be dramatic from the jump. In the aftermath of Antonio Dawson killing the man who kidnapped and tormented his daughter, Voight and Antonio have to think on their feet. Are they going to be able to save their fellow cop?

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In the sneak peek below (via TV Guide), you get the sense that Voight already has a plan for what to do in this situation — and yea, it’s almost terrifying how good Voight is at coming up with this stuff on the fly. He sends Antonio away and comes up with a cover story for Ruzek, one in which he tried to resuscitate the criminal on the ground and that he was not there for what was a violent confrontation between him and Voight. This is Hank preparing to potentially take the fall for this, or at least say that the death of this man came as a result of a struggle.

What’s the thinking for Hank here? He may feel like, on some level, that he can make his way through this. Voight already has a reputation within the Chicago PD and there’s not much about this that will change that. He also has a relationship with Brennan, who may want to continue to use him for specific politically-charged cases. (With that being said, this man’s death could complicate that relationship.) Voight knows that if Antonio was viewed as responsible for the guy’s death, his addiction would come up in the investigation and his career would be over — if not so much worse. Meanwhile, it could also be precarious for Ruzek. This is why Voight is trying to protect them — it’s also who he is. He may be violent and at times very unethical, but he is loyal to the cops who work under him.

Ruzek claims that he’s willing to go along with Voight’s plan — but is he? The question you have to wonder here is how far Ruzek is willing to go, ironically for a guy he got into a fight with at the start of the season? This is going to be a great opportunity to really dive into the relationship between these characters, which is certainly going to be complicated and then some.

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