The Bachelor video: Model Bri Barnes fakes Australian accent in limo exit

Bri BarnesHere’s a (not) great idea for someone coming on The Bachelor — lie to the person you’re trying to date right away!

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In the video below via the series’ official Instagram, you can get a sense of what we’re talking about here. Enter Bri Barnes, a 24-year old model from Los Angeles. You would think that there were about a hundred different things that she could do in order to get Colton Underwood’s attention, but instead, she talks about her Australian accent as a means to get attention from him.

Well, here’s the thing: The accent is fake, and she admits to that in a confessional behind the scenes. If it’s not real, why even do it? Why waste your time? It’s not a funny thing to lie about, like having super-powers or being the best contestant ever even when you haven’t met any of the others. It’s something that someone would find genuinely interesting and when they realize that you’re lying about it, that’s all they will think about you — that you’re a liar. It also sort of feels like a “I don’t know what’s interesting about me so I’m going to come up with something.”

Can we blame Bri for this entirely? Not really, since every single thing that contestants are doing for these is vetted and discussed by producers ahead of time. We’ve even reported on this in the past — these limo-exit moments are often collaborated on between production and the contestants so that everyone is doing something different. They don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, but there’s also an understanding that this is a TV show and they need to do whatever they can in order to ensure that they get some pretty-great content.

Ultimately, we do think that Bri’s going to be in some trouble this season and that production probably set her up to fail with this — unless, of course, she immediately has some time with him inside and she can explain that it was just a joke. Personally, though, we would’ve confessed to it right away or made some sort of joke out of it before entering the house. That way, there wasn’t some lingering memory with him involving it that wasn’t actually true.

New episodes of The Bachelor premiere on ABC Monday night. Of course, we want to hear some of your hopes for the premiere at the bottom of this article! (Photo: ABC.)


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