Gotham season 5 premiere review: A notable death & a fight to stay alive


Tonight, the Gotham season 5 premiered arrived on Fox and we’ll admit that the main focus of the episode was somewhat surprising. After all, a good percentage of the story was geared around a supply drop … or at least the hopes of one.

In the aftermath of the attacks on the city last season, it was pretty darn clear that Gotham City was in a devastated, vulnerable position. It didn’t have the rations that people needed to survive and because of that, there were starting to be revolts. Unfortunately, there were also villains running amok and the police couldn’t really help anyone. They were too busy being constantly in survival mode.

Enter Bruce Wayne. He had a plan in order to ensure that some of the supplies actually went to the people who needed them the most, but the problem that does come with that sometimes is that villains are going to want to take them for themselves. This is why we ended up seeing somewhat of a showdown in this episode between a multitude of different heroes, villains, and also people like Barbara and Tabitha who occasionally do good things. We saw Tabitha taken down in the process, with was rather sad given everything that she’s been through already. (Of course, at this point death on the show is fairly common.)

It was Penguin who was responsible for killing Tabitha, but he was also shot in the process by Gordon — which led to him eventually having a fit when the bullet had to be removed from his leg.

The good news is that Gotham remains hanging on by a threat at the end of the episode. It turns out that other than Bruce, Gotham does have someone who wants to help. They spoke to Gordon near the end of the episode … right before Gordon found some Jeremiah-inspired laughter written on the GCPD walls. (It looks as though this is the property of Ecco.)

The state of Selina Kyle

At the end of this past season she found herself hospitalized and in recovery … but she wasn’t interested in living in the process. She was not coping with the idea of ever walking again, but it turned out that there was one person who could help her: The Witch. The question that comes with this is quite simple: Just how badly does Jim actually Selina healed? He does feel fairly responsible for what happened to her in the first place.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Gotham premiere was intense, dark, and just as crazy as we wanted. Now that the show knows and recognizes its mortality, it is fairly clear at the moment that this is a series that isn’t holding anything back. Jim Gordon is now in full hero mode, Bruce is closer to Batman, and the villains have never been more iconic. This is the Gotham we need AND the Gotham we deserved.

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