Floribama Shore season 2 episode 21 video: Why is Jeremiah upset?

Floribama SHore season 2If you’re ready for Floribama Shore season 2 episode 21, here’s the good news: You don’t have to wait too much longer! There’s a new episode coming on MTV in just a matter of 24 hours, and there’s going to be something unexpected during it: An argument between Jeremiah and Gus!

While we have seen a number of conflicts on this show over the years, ones between these two are pretty rare. They have a similar sort of vibe a lot of the time and they’ve certainly spent a lot of time together having fun all across Florida and now Cabo.

Yet, it’s clear from the sneak peek below that there’s something further going on here, and something that has to do with Jules. This is the young woman Gus met recently, and apparently he’s upset that he’s being pulled away to spend time to spend everyone else when there is such a limited amount of time that he has left in Cabo. (This episode is, at least in part, going to be about the last stretch of time he and the other cast members have in the area.)

Basically, this is a classic case of Jeremiah being mad because he wants Gus to act a certainly way around the roommates, which in turn is making him all the madder. Nobody really likes to be told how to feel or act in a given moment, so of course Gus is going to act out as a result of that and there’s nothing that anyone else can do to change that.

What is more interesting to us is the roller-coaster of emotions we’ve seen with Gus as of late. Right now, the focus seems to be Jules; yet, we’re still coming on the heels of all of the Nilsa drama. Which way is the dude going to gravitate by the end of the season? Will he just move on from both? There’s been so much time now from the end of filming that there are certainly other questions you could ask as to precisely where his heart is now (if anywhere).

Hopefully, there’ll be some more answers out there by the end of the season — if not, isn’t that a good case for a third season more than anything else? It’s a chance to actually dive in and explore Gus’ story a little bit further than we have so far.

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