Suits season 8 episode 11 photo: Is Louis ready for his new gig?


Later this month, Suits season 8 episode 11 will air on USA and hopefully with that, answer some questions. For starters, is Louis Litt going to embrace his new position of Managing Partner?

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The photo above is one of the first ones from the second half of the season and it features Rick Hoffman’s character trying his best to tackle the highs and lows of his job. It’s a tricky one that he now finds himself in, largely because he has to tow the line in a number of different ways that are different from what he’s used to. Harvey and Robert Zane are bulls, and he’s going to have to corral them when he’s more used to falling in line behind someone.

Then, there’s also the fact that he has new name partners to, well, manage. That includes Dule Hill’s character of Alex Williams, pictured above. He is one of those people who more than likely is going to expect a greater sense of power with his new position and will be looking to showcase that. Expect him and Louis to butt heads — of course, we’d say to expect everyone to butt heads with Louis given the fact that this is the sort of guy he is. Once he gets started on some sort of rage-fueled tirade, he’s not the easiest guy in the world to calm down or convince to go in a different direction.

Some other questions worth wondering

Let’s kick things off with this one: Is it going to be possible to see Donna and Harvey get together? Or, is someone going to stop Katrina from making a big mistake with Brian, or stop Brian in turn from making a big mistake with Katrina? Both of these are valuable things to think about in their own way. Of course, we also have questions about how Samantha / Alex will fit in and if there are more things we’re going to learn about their past.

Luckily, Suits will be back soon and because of that, a lot of these questions are going to start to become answers. We anticipate moments where we’ll laugh and moments where someone will get really Litt up — basically, everything that we expect with this show.

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