Luther season 5 episode 3 review: Luther tries to clean up Alice’s mess


With Alice killing Alister, Luther is left in one of the worst positions he could be in. Not only does he know George’s son is dead, but George is holding Benny hostage until he gets Alice. Is Luther going to deliver Alice and even if he does is it going to matter at this point now that Alister is dead? Let’s see how it all unfolds.

The mess Alice made

When Luther confronts Alice about killing Alister, she denies nothing. He tells her to come with him and after denying his invitation he handcuffs her and forces her in the car. We weren’t sure what he was going to do with her, but for now he’s taken a photo of her in the car and sent it to George hoping to buy some time for Benny. Luther thinks he’s being smart by leaving Alice handcuffed in the car with a video streaming of her so he can see what she is doing, but all he sees is her uncuff herself, boost his car and threaten to drive him over. After knowing Alice for so long we really had a hard time buying into this, Luther wouldn’t under estimate her like that.

Alice calls him out on his plan to hand her over to George and the fact that he couldn’t go through with it, but as much as she pushes he won’t admit that he couldn’t give her up (we all know it’s true though).  If you’ve been waiting for that Alice and Luther kiss it happened, but there was such a deep sadness to it that we couldn’t enjoy this reunion the way we had hoped.

They go to the warehouse together and save Benny in a different way that doesn’t involve Alice dying for the cause. All of this leaves Alice and Luther bonded once more as they are both up against a very angry George who now knows that his son is dead and his leverage with Benny is gone.

Luther calls George and tells him that he can either let all of this go or Luther is going to bring him and his empire down brick by brick. Instead George picks option 2 which is putting a hit out on Luther and Alice. The hitman has Mark, Benny and Alice telling Luther that he needs to show up or people will die and to prove his point he kills Benny.

Mr and Mrs lake

Mr. Lake has been very naughty as he knocked out his wife with some sleeping pills and has kidnapped a new woman to torment. His plan is to make this woman fall in love with him over time, or at least that’s what he’s telling her. When Mrs. Lake wakes up she hears the muffled screams of the woman Mr. Lake has tied up in a secret room, she tells her husband off and then injects the girl revealing that she is not just her husband’s accomplice, but is actually a killer herself. Luther and Halliday get to the Lake’s house and are able to save the girl before Mrs Lake kills her.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We love Luther best when the situation is really messy like this. Normally he has more time to work on a case while also cleaning up the mess hes’ made, behind the scenes, but in this episode he’s so deep in there’s nothing else he can really focus on. With only one episode left we are in for the showdown of the century between Luther and George!

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