Death in Paradise season 8 promo: New cases, adventures, and sights!

Death in ParadiseAre you ready to check out Death in Paradise season 8? We hope so, given that the premiere is right around the corner!

As reported yesterday, the series is making its grand return to BBC One with new episodes starting on Thursday, January 10, and the new promo offers you up at least a small sense of what you can expect to see.

First and foremost, we can say this about the newest batch of episodes: They’re tropical! Despite some of the devastating stories that are at the center of this series, the show isn’t moving away from some of its picturesque settings. The same goes on some level for its tone, as the show is going to remain reasonably lighthearted at times. You’ve got a family-of-sorts at the core of the series and moving beyond just that, said family will continue to expand. You’ll see some new characters making their way to Saint Marie, which is about as wonderful a fictional place sas you’re going to find — save for all of the murder.

While we’re not going to say that this new promo offers up a good sense of many of the major stories that are coming up, we do think that it’s a cause for a smile and a further reason to be excited about some of what’s coming next. Death in Paradise is an incredibly entertaining show and as noted in the past, it’s one that tends to blow by rather fast. It’s hard to fathom already being in season 8, but here we are and we’re excited to take the show on for much of the season. It’s really the perfect winter show, strange and ironic as that is to say given that we’re writing this in the summer. It’s just nice to have an opportunity to dive into a show like this at a time in which it’s so cold outside. Everyone needs a little bit of paradise in their lives (not so much death), and this show gives you an opportunity to see and experience something a little bit different than the rest of British TV. We just hope that this season delivers, both in terms of creativity and in turn of ratings. We know that it’s starting off with an interesting mystery, one that could challenge both the investigators and viewers alike.

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What are you excited to check out when it comes to Death in Paradise season 8? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the attached comments. Stay tuned, as well have some further news soon all about some of what could lie ahead! (Photo: BBC.)

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