What Ray Donovan season 7 could take away from season 6

Ray DonovanEven though we’re not completely done at the moment with Ray Donovan season 6, we do think that the Showtime drama has set the tone for what’s been a really great season of the show. The move to New York has infused the series with some new energy, and we do think that this has helped to amplify the performances and the stakes. There is something about the claustrophobic nature of New York that helps the show; it creates a bigger sense of danger, almost as though there is less of a way for some of these characters to escape some of their troubles.

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With that being said, it’s also hard to say that Ray Donovan has been successful only because of the setting. Instead, we think that it’s because the focus has really been all about family. These are the characters who, from the start, we’ve grown invested in, and the show is infinitely better when there are a number of other fascinating ways to link them together. If you’ve got Ray and Mickey and Terry and Bunchy all doing their own thing, the show’s just not as interesting.

The struggle here, of course, is finding a way to loop all of these characters together in a way that is rather fascinating and makes sense for them. For most of this season, for example, there was little reason for Ray to even look at Mickey, let alone actually be willing to work with him. That changed a little bit following the kidnapping of Bridget. Everyone is now more in the same orbit than they’ve been in quite some time and inherently, there is something that is so much more interesting about that. They’re all motivated to work together for a common goal, and that is family — when someone’s in danger, all of that dysfunction goes away.

Mind you, it’s still hard to figure out a way in which Ray and Mickey stay best friends forever or really want to work together in anything. However, if they want to get rid of each other, they would’ve pulled the trigger by now. That’s why the door is always left over, and if the show wants to replicate some of what’s going on as of right now, the writers need to find a way to keep these options open — it’s either that or find a way to make Bridget more active and involved, provided of course that she stays alive. There’s no guarantee of that at present.

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