Top Chef: Kentucky episode 5 sneak peek: A blue team catastrophe

Top ChefIt clearly feels like Top Chef: Kentucky episode 5 is going to set up some sort of enormous story about how the mighty have fallen.

Just on this past episode, it looked as though the Blue Team was ready to coast their way to victory. After all, their team was stacked — Nini and David were two of the most successful contestants this season to this point, and the other chefs on the team had certainly fared rather well in the competition to date. There weren’t any signs that things were going to fall apart, but yet, Restaurant Wars is turning out to be a dumpster fire for them.

What’s happening here? Well, much of it seems to stem from issues at the front of the house. The wait staff doesn’t seem to understand what they’re doing or when certain food is supposed to go to certain tables. With that in mind, there is a reasonably good chance that Nini could be eliminated on the other side of this. It’s not often that you see this good of a chef leave this early in the season, but Restaurant Wars is in many ways the great equalizer. You’re thrown out of your comfort zone and forced to do things that you don’t often do elsewhere in the competition.

The bad news for the Blue Team in general is that Thursday’s episode will feature a double-elimination, so it’s going to be hard for them to be able to steer clear of the executioner’s ax. Yet, the one bit of hope that they have is that none of the teams seem to be doing all that well. This is a particularly chaotic edition of Restaurant Wars and we think that a lot of this just stems from the fact that it’s happening so early on in the season. All of these people are absolutely qualified in order to take on a challenge like this, but the issue here comes mostly in that they don’t know each other all that well as of yet. We’d argue that teamwork is almost as important as culinary ability at this point in the show.

No matter who goes home…

There is at least a small chance of redemption out there in Last Chance Kitchen. There are two chefs eagerly awaiting the new arrivals there and they will, more than likely, be ready and prepared to battle whoever is eliminated. Those two chefs, in turn, are going to be highly motivated to succeed. We’re hoping for some great things there, and it’s really the perfect extension of the competition and where it is right now. It’s a chance to add fireworks on top of fireworks.

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