Big Little Lies season 2: Nicole Kidman hoping for June premiere date

Big Little LiesWhen is Big Little Lies season 2 going to be premiering on HBO? Well, tonight Nicole Kidman offered a hint.

Speaking to CNN hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper tonight during the New Year’s Eve broadcast, Kidman said that they are hoping to have the second season of the much-anticipated series out in June. They are currently in the process of editing it and with that in mind, it should be ready by the summer.

The June premiere date makes sense for many reasons, with the biggest one being that HBO isn’t going to put all of their big shows on at one time. We already know that we’ve got Game of Thrones coming on in April and True Detective on in the winter; there’s no reason to pair Big Little Lies with them. HBO doesn’t need to boost the show’s ratings (it will do just fine on its own) and beyond just that, they want to make sure that they get their money’s worth in terms of subscribers. Why wouldn’t they want that?

By and large, though, the network has been keeping things fairly hush-hush, save for the fact that one of the big new stars appearing is the legendary Meryl Streep as the late Perry’s mother. What she brings to the series should prove fascinating, but we have a hard time thinking that she would stop by just to play some sort of tiny part. It’s gotta be substantial in some shape or form.

Kidman made it clear to Cooper and Cohen that she was happy to get the question on the show’s future and also excited for everyone to see the new season — after all, the only reason why the new season is happening is because of the passion of some of the show’s fans. This is one of the most-successful series over the past few years on HBO and to think, originally this was just planned to be a short limited series. It did even better than expected and then also cleaned up in terms of nominations and wins across the board with awards shows.

Rest assured, we’re sure that HBO will announce even more news by the time the spring rolls around … we’ll be crossing our fingers for a trailer at around the time that Game of Thrones premieres its final season.

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What do you want to see in terms of a Big Little Lies season 2, and are you excited for a June premiere date? Be sure to share below!

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