Andy Cohen, Patti LaBelle’s interview on CNN – New Year’s Eve is emotional and also hilarious

CNN New Year's EveThere are a number of things that we expected to see on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, but getting emotional with Andy Cohen and Patti LaBelle was not on the list. Yet, there we were at the tail end of the interview when Andy made sure to tell her how much he appreciated her — largely because so many legends were leaving us and he wanted to make sure that she realized how much she was loved.

Is there a cynical and morbid interpretation that we’ve seen on Twitter to the remark? Sure, but we think that he was actually just trying to be sweet and show his appreciation for her. (We know that Anderson Cooper was there, but Andy really stole the show here in both good and bad ways.)

What’s so interesting is that this interview had¬†plenty¬†of crazy moments before we even got to this point, including Patti at one point jokingly telling Andy to shut up while she also talked at length about pie while surrounded by a number of party-goers. (She told him to shut up after he asked her if blondes have more fun.) Really, we could’ve just listened to Patti and all of the random people around her for about ten or fifteen minutes longer, even if we’re not 100% sure that everyone in there could actually hear each other and what they were saying to each other.

So why does CNN do some of these interviews? Well, mostly because they realize that, for better or for worse, they’re going to generate reactions. This one provided that, and it also generated an opportunity to go a little against the grain from what social-media thinks about that closing question Andy posed. We really think what Andy runs into with that whole “appreciate people while you’re still alive” comment is that it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s such a weird, wacky show. It can be hard sometimes in order to really get the right meaning of that comment out there in the moment.

Of course, we’re far from done when it comes to coverage of CNN and the big New Year’s Eve broadcast — if you want to know more and read about other headlines, head over to the link here and check back a little later in the night for more.

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