The Blacklist season 6 spoilers: Liz Keen’s plan of attack

The BlacklistAs we get closer to The Blacklist season 6 premiering on NBC Thursday night, it becomes all the more clear that there are many different things to anticipate. Near the top of the list here is getting a chance to see how Liz Keen operates thanks to some of what she knows now about Reddington. She knows that Reddington is an imposter and with that, she just needs to figure out what she wants to do about that. How does she use that information to her advantage? Well, a part of it may come from watching Reddington operate over the years and using some of the tricks she’s learned from him.

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One of the things that we know very well about Reddington is that he is a master at manipulating a situation to his advantage. He has a tendency to get almost everything that he wants out of any situation with his wit, intelligence and charisma, knowing what buttons to push and precisely when to push them.

As we move forward now, it is going to be the responsibility of Liz to make sure that she can push some of these buttons back. She knows the sort of visage that Reddington likes to have of her and their relationship and with that in mind, it definitely does make some sense that she would try to exploit that. It’s really an opportunity for her to get closer to him and, in turn, see if there’s an opportunity to get more information. That is something that executive producer Jon Bokenkamp discusses further in a new interview with TV Guide:

“For the first time in the series, she knows something that he doesn’t know … She knows that Reddington is an impostor, and he isn’t aware of that. And so we now get to have this new dynamic where Liz is working the case presenting to Reddington as if she is his daughter, and in fact she knows far more than she’s letting on. She’s using that sort of cover as a way to figure out who he really is.”

What we do find ourselves wondering at the moment is this: Is there anything good that actually comes from us learning who Reddington really is? His true identity may not matter all that much given that what actually does is the person we’ve come to know him as — which is Reddington. While we’ve seen him and Liz take down many a bad people alongside the FBI Task Force, there is a price to pay with it. This is what we’re curious to see unravel even more as the show continues its run.

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