Escape At Dannemora season 2: Don’t expect it at Showtime

Escape at Dannemora

As we prepare for tonight’s Escape at Dannemora finale on Showtime, should we expect any more of the series down the road? In this article, we want to focus on this subject!

Alas, we do come bearing some rather-sad news if you do have high hopes to get a little bit more of this series: It’s a limited one for a reason. The plan here was never for the show to make it past its current batch of episodes, with the biggest reason for that being simply that this, from start to finish, was billed as a limited-series event. There was never really a chance to see more of it — even if it did get some sort of magical renewal, what could you really explore? How do you go beyond the main subject of headlines?

So, rather than focus on doing more of this particular series, what we could see Showtime doing instead in the future is shifting over to more interesting projects with the involvement of Ben Stiller. Why not take on some more true stories and some other interesting, thought-provoking crime-related projects? The downside to doing limited series is that sometimes, it does take a little while for shows to get an audience and sometimes, by the time they do they are almost over. To a certain extent, this is what happened here. Yet, occasionally these do have a tendency to spread like wildfire and maybe you’re at least able to get a month or two’s subscription for some viewers that would not be subscribing otherwise.

Moving forward, we really think that the strategy for Showtime should really just be to take things on a case-by-case basis. You want to do what you can in order to ensure that you have good limited-series projects and that you continue to attract good material to the network. This may be the lasting impact of Escape at Dannemora more so than anything that this show does individually, mostly because you want to make sure that you are showing other content creators that this is the ideal place to set up shop. You want to get yourself ultimately the best chance to be a hub of great content moving into the future.

Obviously, we’re going to be curious to see what the ratings are for the finale of this limited series — but, with that being said, we don’t think that there is anything more that can really be said about them. It’s mostly just validation at this point for Showtime that there remains a certain degree of value that comes from these particular shows.

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