Starz kicking off American Gods season 2 promotion early

American Gods season 2 premiere dateAmerican Gods season 2 is actually not premiering on Starz until March, but clearly, the network wants to build the hype now.

If you haven’t noticed, the hashtag #AmericanGods is a promoted tweet on Twitter today, and much of that is in preparation for a season 1 marathon that is airing on the network a little later today. The network is also putting together a rather-impressive bundle for new subscribers — join today for $5 a month for three months and then also get a $20 gift card to Target in the process. It’s basically akin to making money, provided you frequent Target, in return for joining the service for a little while.

So why go through all of this effort now for American Gods? We think that a lot of this is Starz recognizing, first and foremost, that this weekend is a small hole in the television market. There aren’t many new programs airing this weekend and with that, they may be able to capture some viewers who are bored following the Christmas holiday. Also, they’re probably more than aware of the need to get more viewers up to speed on this show. It hasn’t aired since the spring of 2017 and beyond that, it costs a pretty penny to make. Getting people to come on board now gives them time to watch the show in plenty of time for the season 2 premiere, and possibly get their friends on board, as well.

Beyond just this, we certainly do think Starz is eager to get new subscribers checking out some of their other programming, as well. New episodes of both Counterpart and Outlander are currently airing, which each one of those shows being worthy of your time.

The merits of American Gods

This show is as strange, trippy, and imaginative as they come. It’s got some great performances and it may be one of the most visually-stunning shows out there. Are we slightly concerned without Bryan Fuller on board as a main creative force behind the scenes? We’d be lying if we said no, but there is so much other great talent on board here that it certainly remains worth checking out. We just how that in the event the show gets renewed once more for a season 3, there is a little bit less of a hiatus and we can get more episodes on more of a constant basis.

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Do you think that it is a smart move for Starz to be promoting American Gods season 2 in the way that they are right now, and does the promotion make you more interested in watching? Be sure to share in the attached comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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