Legends of Tomorrow season 4 in 2019: Expectations for the cast!

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premiereAs we move into Legends of Tomorrow in 2019, what are some of the things that we want to see for a number of the show’s characters? That’s what we want to focus on in this article!

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Before we dive too deep into this particular subject, though, there is one important reminder that we have to dish out — the fact that you’re going to be waiting for a rather-long time in order to see the Legends back. Think in terms of April. Given everything that happened in the fall finale, that’s a bummer since there are so many more questions as to what’s going to happen and whether or not the Legends can fix the timeline (again) from all of the different magical creatures and people who have invaded it over the past several episodes.

Now, let’s get to the characters.

Sara Lance – For the Captain, we really want to see something raw and emotional as she has to face and deal more with her difficult family life. Both her father and her sister are dead, and she also was at one point. That’s a lot for a person to take in and it feels like the nature of the mission has caused her to be numb to some of it to a certain degree.

Ray Palmer – We definitely do want to explore more of the complicated Ray / Nora relationship, especially since she wasn’t really too involved in the fall finale. They are so different, but we do think there’s something fun that comes out of their paths crossing and what they can actually do for each other.

Nate Heywood – How is he going to react when he learns that his father isn’t exactly who he’s been cracked up to be for the better part of this season? That was the surprise the show delivered in the closing minutes.

Zari Tomaz – Can the show explore a little bit more her own timeline? We’d be rather curious about a story in which a magical creature arrived in that time period and threatened to somehow change it. What would she do as a result of that?

Charlie – She has formed a bond with the team and proven now that she’s not like many of the other people they’ve encountered from these mystical realms. We want to see if this bond will persist, or beyond that if this is a character who could actually be a part of the series beyond this season.

Mick Rory – He’s always been a favorite to watch, but we’re kind of curious now what happens in the event that his book is a success, even under a pen-name. What would that do to change him, and prove further that’s more than just a standard criminal?

Ava Sharpe – While we know that she’s got plenty to do over at the Time Bureau, we certainly will welcome the opportunity to see her more around the Legends as we approach the end of the season. The more these forces collide, the better off the show will be.

John Constantine – He’s the last major character we want to focus on here and the simple question that we wonder with him is this: How does he bounce back from everything that he tried to do for Des? This is a man who’s been haunted for most of the season and we certainly wonder if being more open with the Legends will actually help to heal him to some degree.

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