Midnight, Texas season 2 finale: Did the series end with a cliffhanger?

Midnight, Texas season 2As of right now, Friday night’s Midnight, Texas season 2 finale is going to be the series finale. Maybe that won’t turn out to be the case in the end (there is an effort to save the show), but for the time being, we have to look at the episode as such.

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After watching the finale, there is one other thing that we can say about it: You’re going to be wanting more of it. How can you not be when you think about some of the stories that could be coming up?

As for what the biggest overall cliffhanger was at the end of the finale, that probably just varies depending on your perspective. For starters, there’s the possibility of some sort of soulless evil-baby after Fiji revealed that she is pregnant. That’s glorious news, but then you remember the deal that was made in order to give her a soul — a soul was taken away from someone she had never met. She hasn’t met her unborn baby and with that, there’s a pretty big chance that this is where the story is going.

Is it true that we’ve seen many shows already bring us the evil / possessed baby story? Sure, but Midnight, Texas has found a way to make everything else supernatural work in a way that feels refreshing. We have a feeling that they could do more or less the same thing here.

Then, you also have the new threat that is descending upon the town, one that was seen patrolling the streets within the closing minutes. Not long after Manfred was more or less christened the protector of the town, his grandmother arrived from the other side to heed him a warning that things were about to get very dangerous. Despite everything that the town had went through stopping the Dark Witches, in between the possession and the power-sapping, they weren’t going to have all that much of an opportunity in order to catch their breath before the next big problem.

We don’t quite blame Midnight, Texas for ending its run on a cliffhanger, mostly due to the fact that two seasons is a very-short period of time in order to have a show on the air and it made a certain degree of sense for everyone involved to try and push for more on some level. In giving a cliffhanger this at least makes it possible for some other network to get involved and want to tell some additional stories, whether it be about what’s going on with Manfred in the city or what could be coming down the line regarding Fiji.

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What did you think about the Midnight, Texas season 2 finale, and what are you hoping for in terms of the series’ future? Be sure to share now in the comments, and we’ll have more on a possible season 3 if information comes out. (Photo: NBC.)

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