Siren season 2 promo: The mermaid training academy

Siren - FreeformIt’s been noted a number of times now that Siren season 2 is going to be bringing a number of mermaids to the table. As a matter of fact, it may be emphasizing them to such a degree that season 1 feels more like a kiddie pool!

It’s not altogether hard to fathom why more would be showing up in and around Bristol Cove at the moment — just consider the state of things in the ocean. Mermaids are having to look towards land now in hopes of a food solution fishing of the oceans has forced them out of their homes but while there are some good humans on land like Maddie and Ben there are going to be a lot of others that will not be as receptive to them.

This brings us to the latest promo below for next month’s premiere, which features almost a mermaid training academy of sorts. There are no classrooms; instead, it’s Ryn trying to impart some of her knowledge of humans towards her fellow mermaids, with a little bit of human help thrown in here. This is, of course, not going to be anywhere near as easy as some of these mermaids would like. The social conventions are drastically different and it’s pretty clear that this will lead to some rather awkward moments — but also some funny ones. While Siren can at times be a fairly-dark show, there is some room for laughter mixed in here just from a fish-out-of-water perspective (pun intended).

Ultimately, the big challenge for season 2 is going to be finding a way to raise the stakes and deliver something that feels very much true to the story of season 1 while also bringing forward evolution to the already established relationships. This is a show that needs to find a way to keep pushing forward and deliver some exciting reveals that help us to learn more about who mermaids really are. While having the dark mythology and cool characters is a great jumping-off point, this show still has more room to dive deeper and touch on issues that are both personal to these characters and also super-relevant to present day. The big one, at least so far, has been a very strong message about the dangers of over-fishing the oceans and what it’s doing to life in the sea.

Also, given that it’s Freeform, there will probably be some interesting romances and ‘shipping discussions along the way much like there was in season one with the Ben, Maddie, Ryn triangle. Right now Ben and Maddie’s relationship is pretty broken and Ryn is feeling responsible for causing problems for her friends. no one is in a great place with one another at the moment, but they all still care for one another, so hopefully that’s going to bring everyone back together.

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