Top Chef: Kentucky episode 4 review: Restaurant Wars chaos begins

Top Chef

Top Chef: Kentucky episode 4 was far from your ordinary installment of the series. How else can you describe Restaurant Wars? There was a LOT going on here, but before we get to that, there is one more order of business to attend to here.

Quickfire Challenge – This was all about the quest for the perfect bite. The winning chef had to create something beautiful, but do that in a way that was very minimal. This was Michelle’s chance to shine for the first time really all season and she needed it.

Elimination Challenge – This is where things where FIRE. Restaurant Wars was on! This is the first time that the show has done it at twelve, which means that there were three teams instead of two. Here’s the breakdown that you need.

Blue Team, Third Coast – Kelsey, David, Nini (front of the house), and Justin. This group was really confident and we understand why given that this team had a number of really dominate chefs on it. But, were they too confident? We certainly think so. Right before service began, it was clear that the wait staff was completely confused as to what was going on. This meant that other people had to pick up some of Nini’s slack.

Red Team, North East – Adrienne (executive chef), Brian (front of the house), Eddie, and Eric. We like this team a lot because it felt like there were a lot of scrappy underdogs in the group — Eddie was out to prove that he wasn’t going to repeat the Whole Foods openings, and we think that Adrienne has really been out to show that she’s great since the premiere. The frustration here was that Eric only had one dish for most of the day and he was still asking for help.

Gray Team, Thistle – Michelle (executive chef), Sara (front of the house), Pablo, and Brandon. Smart move by Michelle to be executive chef since she was immune. Pablo took on arguably the most, which could be either a great success or a tremendous failure. Going into service, we were immensely worried that it was a failure since he was behind on a ton of stuff. This struggle was really one about getting everything done in time.

To make things crazier, Tom announced going into the start of Restaurant Wars that there would be a Double Elimination coming up at the end of the challenge.

CarterMatt Verdict

That’s all we got this week! We were firmly expecting for some reason for this to last longer than an hour, but it didn’t and we have to prepare for the double-elimination coming up down the road. What’s particularly fun about where we are now is that it’s hard to tell which team is actually in the best place since all of them have some pretty serious problems.

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