Survivor: David vs. Goliath: Where winner Nick Wilson stands in our rankings

Nick WilsonNow that we’re a reasonable ways removed from Survivor: David vs. Goliathdoesn’t now seem like the right time to think about Nick Wilson as the winner?

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Yesterday, we talked about where the season stood in the winner rankings; now, we’ll do the same thing with Nick. You can see all of our rankings here, and we’ll kick things off by saying that Nick for us is #18 in our list of winners. Basically, he’s right in the middle! He did some things this season that cause him to stand out from the pack, but also a few things that keep him from being on the top tier.

What Nick brought to the game – He was incredibly smart both strategically and socially, and we give him a ton of credit for using alliance names from the get-go to endear himself to people. He started off a target, but he knew how to correct that in the early going and formed bonds with Davids and Goliaths that kept him safe. After his scare early on, he wasn’t a target again until close to the end of the game.

As for as what he brought to the table in terms of moves, he did some great stuff with the first handful of votes after the merge. He also performed well in challenges when he needed to and presented a great argument for himself at the end of the game.

What hurts Nick in the rankings – He wasn’t really the person controlling the votes at the end of the game — that was Mike. He also did have a tendency to lose his temper late in the game when he was left out of decisions and on a different season in a different situation, these things could have come back to bite him a little bit more than he did there. Christian also did say that he was a little too aggressive in the early game in our exit press, which means that he may have been a little bit transparent at times.

Could Nick win again? – We don’t think him winning this season was a fluke; let’s just put it that way. While we do think that he’d have trouble if he finds himself on the outs on another season, he could do rather well if he finds himself with the numbers and surrounds himself once more with targets.

The next season of Survivor, subtitled Edge of Extinction, is going to be premiering on CBS come February. We’ll have more news on it before long.

Where do you think Nick stands among all Survivor winners, at least right now? Share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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