Agents of SHIELD season 7 filming to reportedly kick off in early 2019

Agents of SHIELDApparently, there is going to be a really-long break between the filming of Agents of SHIELD season 7 and then the show actually premiering.

While the sixth season of the Marvel comic-book show is set to premiere on ABC this coming summer, the scoop via Twitter @DiscussingFilm has revealed that filming for the upcoming seventh season batch of episodes will take place starting in February. This means, more than likely, that it will be complete by some point in the summer, potentially more than a year before this batch of episodes ends up airing on the network.

So why go ahead and film so many new episodes long before they air? Well, the easiest explanation for this is simply that if you’ve got the scripts together, why wait? Also, this will allow the cast a chance to take a break and take off for some other ventures for a while

We certainly do have our concerns that season 7 could be the final one for the series, mostly because contracts could be expiring for a number of core cast members on the other side of it and, because of this, it could prove to be more expensive to keep the show going. Given that Agents of SHIELD is not the highest-rated show in the world, we don’t know how much financial flexibility that it has. In the event that it does end with the seventh season, it’s hard to find any reason for sadness. Seven seasons is a tremendous run for any show, especially a comic-book adaptation that has felt almost like a Little Engine That Could show for a really long time now. It has survived and persevered for so long that at this point, it’s almost just playing with the TV version of House Money.

Of course, we’d love to believe that there will be all sorts of crazy teases of Agents of SHIELD season 7 on the internet, but we gotta be realistic here in saying that the odds of actually getting to see these are slim to none. This show, like almost everything else within the Marvel universe, doesn’t actually reveal much in advance. Heck, there isn’t all that much out there at the moment in terms of season 6, other than a couple of teases. Recently, Ming-Na Wen said she saw a first preview for the upcoming season and it’s awesome; hopefully, that is enough to pique your interest for at least the time being.

If Agents of SHIELD season 7 ends up being the final one over on ABC, will you be sad, or just happy that the show found a way to last this long? Share in the attached comments below. (Photo: ABC.)

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