Celebrity Big Brother 2 wishlist: Jeffree Star, Jodie Sweetin, Lance Bass, and more

Celebrity Big Brother season 2Given that Celebrity Big Brother 2 is going to be premiering on CBS next month, it’s time to bring back our wishlist for the second straight year! There is no advance information or spoiler scoop within this piece; it’s just the CarterMatt team throwing out a number of worthy names into the universe that we would love to see on the show.

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With this group, we tried to draw from a similar casting strategy as Celebrity Big Brother itself — bringing on board people from all different realms of celebrity and also all walks of life. We wanted people who were at least somewhat within a realm of possibility and also people who would either bring compelling gameplay or just flat-out entertainment to the table.

LaVar Ball – Is there a good chance he would be the first person evicted? Absolutely, but LaVar would go into the house saying that he was a better player than Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling combined. There’s something about his ridiculous bravado that would make for fantastic television — and also lead potentially to some sort of Lakers PR person watching nervously to hear whatever LaVar chooses to say about what the team should do with Lonzo on it.

Lance Bass – He’s a music icon, he’s a huge Big Brother fan, and we think that he would bring a lot of entertainment to the show. We do think it’s important to bring people on (even with the celebrity seasons) to be sort of the ambassador to all of the superfans watching, and Lance could offer that in the same way that Shannon Elizabeth and Ross Mathews did last year. We think he would know to be crafty behind the scenes, similar to how Ross did.

Timothy DeLaGhetto – If you haven’t watched Wild n Out we highly suggest you do immediately if not sooner. Timothy is hilarious and was easily one of our favorite comedians on the show. Being a comedian in the house would be a huge advantage to Timothy since this can be a really draining game to play and having a good sense of humor can carry you far. Not only that, but that sense of humor and keeping people laughing with him is a great way to build social bonds in a game like this.

Lisa Lampenelli – Speaking of comedians, here’s another notable one — and given her history at roasts, she’d probably come into the house with all sorts of stories. She’s actually changed up her life dramatically over the last few years, getting more into inspirational stuff and really defying a lot of preconceived notions about her. We like people in the house who can both play the game and tell interesting stories; we think that she has both.

Marshawn Lynch – Athletes can be risky on these shows just because intensity on the field doesn’t always translate into intensity for a manufactured game; at the very least with Marshawn you are getting a guy who’s going to be outspoken and a little bit off the beaten path. Would he actually do it? Maybe, since it’s a chance to see a more unfiltered side of himself.

Tana Mongeau – Tana has all the makings for great television. She’s wildly entertaining on her YouTube channel and drama seems to follow her everywhere she goes. In the Big Brother house she can use some of that spark to cause some chaos in the house and while it could make her a target in some ways, if she aligns herself with the right people it could take her far. Also, who wouldn’t want to watch Tana storytime on the live feeds???

Sharon Osbourne – She’s outspoken, she’s loud, she’s opinionated, and we can see her arguing with about four of the other people on our list already. She also has technically already been in the house before on The Talk. We know that CBS loves their synergy, so it does make some sense for them to put someone on the show who they can use for cross-promotion. Meanwhile, think about all of the stories that Sharon could tell!

Jeffree Star – We love Jeffree and would watch him eat frosting out of the container with a gold Hermes spoon for hours! The cosmetics mogul is dripping with charisma and because of that we could see him playing a really strong social game and pulling the strings on a lot of big moves. He’s smart, and he’s savvy and while in some ways that could make him a target, with our list there are so many drama starters that we could see Jeffree running this game on the sly all the way to the end. It also doesn’t hurt that he sees Dr. Will to get cosmetic work done, so maybe he can get a few tips on how to win.

Jodie Sweetin – We think it’s always interesting to cast a sitcom star on one of these shows, especially someone with an incredible amount of life experience. With the future of Fuller House still up in the air, we’d love to see Jodie appear here and provide some of her insight on being a child star, the bumps in the road, and where she is right now.

Tony Vlachos – By our money Tony is the most entertaining Survivor winner ever and because of that, we’d love to see him basically appear on any reality show on the planet. He has an extremely diabolical mind and while he’s an enormous target on virtually any show that he’s on, on his first season he managed to use idols and manipulation to get all the way to the end. Depending on what happens with competitions, anything goes here.

Porsha Williams – This is simple — cast Porsha if you want someone entertaining on your season. You know that she’s probably going to bring a lot to the table, and she also brings in some Real Housewives fans much in the way that Brandi Glanville did last season. She’d probably also be someone who could do surprisingly well in the game with some of the right people around her.

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