Vikings season 5 episode 15: Katheryn Winnick talks series’ latest death

LagerthaOn Vikings season 5 episode 15, the History series lost another important character, and it shouldn’t be much of a shock that this person had a close bond to Lagertha. Time and time again, Katheryn Winnick’s character has lost all of the great loves of her life. There’s such a thing as being battle-tested, but at the same time, there’s also such a thing as being completely worn down. This world has not been kind to Lagertha, even if she always finds a way to pick herself back up after the sorrow and try to move forward.

This time around, the person she lost is Heahmund, a warrior, her love and man of faith who died in the midst of battle on the field and one within his own heart of loving her and loving God. He cared about her deeply, and she in turn cared about him.

There was a kinship and an understanding between them that was powerful and fascinating to watch. Also, it didn’t hurt that Winnick was able to collaborate with Jonathan Rhys Meyers on this relationship who is a brilliant actor as well (if you haven’t seen his performance in the Tudors – it’s a must watch!). Speaking about his departure and Heahmund’s death to Entertainment Tonight, Winnick reflected on what made the two special:

I loved working with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He’s just such a talented actor, and such a deep actor and a complex person. And he’s somebody who, his character also has a dark side, and a very philosophical mind and questioning his fate and questioning the gods and questioning the religion, and I think that’s the true connection between the two of them, they’re both in that same place right now. And the relationship did move fast, a little bit too fast maybe, but I think for her, she really needed to trust somebody that in this time of her life, and she moved her whole family and life over there try to figure out the next move to come back to Kattegat. So it was hard to see Bishop Heahmund go, just because he’s such an amazing character, and they had such a bond.

We do think that Lagertha takes something from every relationship that she has and every death that she endures, and such will likely be the case here. It may harden her resolve, even though we’ve felt for some time that she’s been in a nothing-to-lose mode. She recognizes her vulnerable state and the target that is on her head. Once you start to realize that you could die at any time, it does open you up to living in the moment perhaps in a way that you would not before. Lagertha is going to be bold, and more than likely, she is going to take risks as we move towards the big season 5 finale in the new year.

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