The Good Doctor season 2 spoilers: Shaun, Lea, Dr. Glassman, and go-karts

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4There are many things we expected to see from The Good Doctor season 2 in 2019; go-karting was not one of them. Yet, doesn’t this show have the flair for the unexpected from time to time?

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The photo below (via TVLine) is not from the midseason return on January 14, which is when you’re going to see the other side of the epic quarantine cliffhanger that left many characters in danger. Instead, it’s from the twelfth episode of the season airing on January 21. It should not come as much of a surprise that Shaun made it through quarantine in one piece, given the fact that it’s hard to really have this show without the man who is on ALL of the key art. What’s going to be interesting about the show’s future though, is seeing if there are any aftereffects that come from Shaun’s breakdown in the midst of the quarantine saga and the stress that came out of it. We feel that it’s intentional that most of the other characters involved at the hospital are MIA in this photo — this keeps their future a mystery for a little while longer.

Shaun’s decided to go on a go-karting excursion in this episode with Lea as well as Dr. Glassman, whose inclusion here is perhaps the most interesting aspect of this photo. He learned in the midseason finale that his brain tumor is back and this time, a precise medical course of action is not 100% clear. Could we be approaching the end for this character, and in turn one of Shaun’s greatest friends and mentors? We weren’t as concerned about it at the end of season 1; we’re infinitely more concerned now. It was one thing for Glassman to be able to escape death the first time around, but this time he may be facing the possibility that he isn’t going to be so lucky the second time. This trip in itself could be him just wanting to enjoy his life for however long he still has it.

The fact that Lea is accompanying the two of them does continue to speak well towards her relationship with Shaun. While the two have had some issues throughout the season, there is at least some sort of commitment here towards working through them.

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What do you think is going to happen with Dr. Glassman moving forward on The Good Doctor, and does this go-karting excursion make you more optimistic for him or worried? Be sure to share right now in the comments and stay tuned for the latest news. (Photo: ABC.)

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