Supernatural season 14 in 2019: What we want for Sam, Dean, and others

Supernatural season 13 posterAs we approach Supernatural season 14 airing in the new year, what do we want to see for a number of the main characters? In this article, we’ve got a few ideas on that very subject!

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Rest assured, we aren’t offering any particular spoilers ahead. Instead, we are merely just wondering as to what is the best way possible to deliver some interesting stories for all of the characters and also the actors who play them.

For Sam – We’d love for him to actually have a chance to take some of the weight of the world off of his shoulders, but we also understand that this, more than likely, is not something that’s going to happen for him. This is a guy who consistently finds himself in a spot where he is burdened by what’s happening with Dean or someone else around him. We think a more reasonable resolution is just that Sam finds a way to get his brother back quickly.

For Dean – Fight his way back from Michael! Really, what we want here is almost more for Jensen Ackles than either one of his characters. We really want to see these two entities do battle for control and what that looks like. Beyond that, provided of course Dean comes back to being Dean, we want to see him at the center of some ridiculous / fun story-of-the-week plot … the sort of stuff that this show is really known for.

For Castiel – Given that we have that almost-prophetic warning for Cas now about what could happen to him the moment he finds happiness … we want to see him find happiness. This sounds unspeakably cruel, but this is a story that needs to naturally progress forward since otherwise, it holds no real weight. The best way to give Misha Collins great material is to play this happy side of the character, only for that said happiness to be slammed dramatically in his face later. there’s a lot to be played up here, but the writers don’t need to rush.

For Jack – This is a guy who basically almost lost everything. As a result of that, we mostly just want to see him live in the moment and try to really find himself now that he is back. He’s almost the proto version of an early Sam and Dean so we’re fine with Supernatural continuing to put him under their wings so he can figure out the ins and outs of what it really means to be a hunter.

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