Saturday Night Live: The five best episodes of 2018

SNLWhat were five of the best episodes of Saturday Night Live from 2018? In this article, we’re going to bring you some of our picks! While it was somewhat of a hot-and-color year for the sketch show — isn’t it always? — we do think that there are a few notable headlines. In this article, we want to break down some of the more-notable ones and why some of these episodes worked whereas some others often do not.

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Jessica Chastain – Does anything really matter anymore? Well, sometimes a sketch can lift an entire episode and that’s what happened here. Looking back, this one sketch is one of 2018’s best and, overall, this was a really solid show that proves further that sometimes, the best hosts are not the ones who really come in and dominate much of the limelight.

Donald Glover – We aren’t altogether surprised that Glover delivered on the show given some of his comedy talents trace all the way back to working at 30 Rock before he even landed Community. His episode was solid, and beyond that, this episode brought us “A Kanye Place.”

Jonah Hill – Some of Jonah’s episodes of SNL are a little hit-and-miss. There are some rather-great ones that he has delivered over time, but there are also a few others that just didn’t have the same overall appeal to them. This is truly as much of a grab-bag show as you are going to get, but here he brought a ton of humor and many of the sketches, including the return of Adam Grossman, really worked.

Claire Foy – Whether it be the Netflix commercial, the letters from war sketch, or that absurd bit on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there was a ton to like from Foy’s episode. While she wasn’t necessarily the star of any sketches, that didn’t really matter since the entire ensemble really seemed to enjoy working around her.

Jason Momoa – Finally, we turn to a completely-absurd episode of the series anchored by a man in Momoa who showed a knack for a lot of really spectacular stuff from start to finish — basically, he played everything from the ghost of Christmas Extra to an angry jerk named Beef.

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What were some of your favorite episodes from this season of Saturday Night Live, and is there a single sketch that you will remember more than any other? Be sure to share right now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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