Alexa & Katie season 3 renewal: Will it happen at Netflix?

Alexa & Katie season 2Following today’s premiere, what are the chances of an Alexa & Katie season 3 renewal at Netflix? Is this something that could happen in theory?

At present, we should note that there is no official word one way or another on the show’s future. Yet, there’s at least some optimism in that this is one of the better under-the-radar comedy series that the streaming service has to offer. It tells a story with humor, but also takes on important themes like mortality and making the most of your life. Basically, these are things that you want comedies for this target audience to tackle.

In a way, we do think that the show’s launch date today is a good thing for the show — with Christmas over, there is a chance now for viewers to be able to check out the series over the next few days without any interruptions. There are not a whole lot of possible distractions out there and with only ten episodes, this season is fairly short. Of course, the flip side of all of this is that with so much of the focus being on the Christmas holiday as of late, it wouldn’t shock us in the slightest if there were many viewers out there who were not even aware of the fact that there were new episodes out there worth checking out.

Netflix has a few months presumably to figure things out in regards to the show’s future, and they will probably look, more than anything else, at completion — more so than how many people watched the first episode of season 2, they will want to see how many viewers checked out the finale. They want to understand more how much interest there is in a season 3 among some of their subscribers. Time is of the essence now for fans of the show, and we do think that the threat of cancellation has to be taken seriously at this point — how can it now be given that the past few months have brought us cancellations of everything from American Vandal to Daredevil and The Good Cop at Netflix? This is a streaming service that means business and has no fear when it comes to canceling shows that, for one reason or another, are not quite working for them in the moment.

Hopefully, there will be a little more news regarding the future of Alexa & Katie at some point in the immediate future — for now, though, we hope that you enjoy the second season! It’ll go by in the blink of an eye.

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