Gotham season 5 spoilers: Morena Baccarin on Lee Thompkins’ future

Gotham - Lee ThompkinsWhat lies ahead for Lee Thompkins when it comes to Gotham season 5? Well, for starters, it is rather nice to know that the character is still alive.

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At the end of season 4, it was very much easy to be concerned over the future of Lee — how could you not be when you remember what she went through at the hands of Edward Nygma? Yet, she has found a way to survive. Not only that, but she is really valuable to the city at this particular point in time. Because she is a doctor, she does have a rather-unique skill set and the capability to help people in a way very few others can.

Speaking in a new interview now when, here is some of what Morena Baccarin had to say about where her character’s story is going to pick up come the premiere:

“Yeah, I mean where we find Lee, she has no recollection of what happened to her after she got stabbed … So she is nowhere. She is just sort of in a daze. And everybody is, where we find Gotham and everybody is a state of complete post-apocalyptic chaos, in a way. And so she’s eventually joins up to help figure out how to get out. How can we get Gotham out of this no man’s land? The thing that she knows how to do best is help people, and be a doctor, so she can do that.”

This is the thing with Lee — we do still feel like there is a lot of good in her still, even in the midst of everything that has transpired with her. She’s someone who does have a rather-big heart, but the question that you still have to wonder is this — will Hugo Strange have done something to her that keeps her from being able to do some of what she wants? Some of the previews that are out there for this episode showcase Lee under the care of Strange, and that is pretty much a bad thing 95% of the time. There’s very little that this man does that we consider to be even remotely positive.

Gotham season 5 will premiere on Fox with new episodes come Thursday, January 3.

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