Strictly Come Dancing season 17 premiere date hopes on BBC One

StrictlyFollowing tonight’s Christmas Special, are you interested in getting some Strictly Come Dancing season 17 premiere date speculation? We definitely like to think that you’re in the right place!

We do think it’s worth pointing out here, first and foremost, that there will be a season 17 of the ballroom competition and there is absolutely nothing to worry about there. This is a show that really could last however long the BBC wants it to. After all, it is routinely one of the UK’s most-popular shows, even to the point where they are able to cultivate an annual Christmas Special from it even after the main competition is over. So long as there are new and compelling celebrities to take part every year, they’re golden — and it doesn’t seem as though they are going to run out of those.

Because Strictly has become so popular over the years, there’s also not all that much of a reason to wonder over its premiere date — it’s largely the same every year and there are no signs that this is going to change. Our sentiment is that the show is going to come back on the air in late September. It’ll be a long time before you start getting any further details on the matter, but this is at least for now something that you know is going to be coming down the pipeline.

So why doesn’t the BBC consider giving you two cycles of this show in a given year? It’s a question that we’ve wondered on some level, given that for many years Dancing with the Stars in America has done that — 2019 is actually the first time in a while that this hasn’t happened. We think that the big reason for it is, smartly the show realizing that it’s best not to over-dilute its brand. It can deliver some fun seasons and Christmas Specials, and then go off the air for long enough that many of its core viewers miss it. It can then return at a time that makes it feel a little bit like tradition. It’s the same reason that a show like Britain’s Got Talent only has a tendency to air in the spring — it’s something that viewers are super-familiar with and when the dust settles, we definitely do think that it helps the show.

Of course, we do hope that the next few months dance into the distance quickly so that we inch ever closer to getting to see Strictly back on the air. Stay tuned for more news down the line…

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