Where is the Victoria 2018 Christmas Special on ITV?

Victoria season 3Where is the Victoria 2018 Christmas Special today on ITV? It feels fair to raise this question, given that we were lucky enough to get one last year.

Unfortunately for fans of the Jenna Coleman series, getting Victoria on an annual basis on Christmas Day is not actually a tradition. It’s not something that we’ve seen on several occasions, and for now it seems as though the special last year was just a one-time thing.

With some series in the UK, it’s easier to do these big holiday specials just because there’s a good bit of Christmas-related content that you can come up with. The only real limitation is your creativity! However, it’s a little bit different with a show like Victoria, one that actually has a basis in history. You can’t just pull a number of story ideas out of your hat and expect all of them to work perfectly. It takes a little more effort and you have to find a reason to make it happen.

Last year, Victoria found that reason — mostly because Albert is a Christmas fanatic and they were able to play that into the show alongside some other stories. Doing that again, however, may just constitute the series on some level repeating itself. They don’t want to just do the same thing time and time again when there is only so much time to tell stories with these characters.

We feel like for many Victoria fans out there, they would be satisfied just to have new episodes of the show at all given that it’s been such a long wait to see them! New episodes are going to actually be kicking off on PBS next month, but it could be a little bit longer potentially before you see them in the UK — nothing is 100% just yet, given how ITV has not officially unveiled any premiere dates. We know that season 3 will be an important one just because Victoria at this point is more comfortable being a ruler and a mother. She’s got a handle on her life in a much more substantial way than she did in the first two seasons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is comfortable. There will be a number of people, after all, who are desperate to try and thwart her. It’s the same as in almost any other era in history. There are many out there who will embrace you, but also some others who are desperate to take you down at every turn.

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