The Orville season 2: Adrianne Palicki on even larger scale

The OrvilleThe Orville season 2 will officially arrive in the new year, and one of the things most worthy of excitement with it is simply that it knows itself a little bit better. With the first season, it had a disadvantage in that it didn’t have audience feedback. Now, it knows better both what sort of show it is and what its viewers may want from it. With that in mind, it can move forward and deliver some really fun stuff to its viewers. It can be more ambitious, more experimental, and also a little bit larger in scale.

Based on what we’re hearing right now from Adrianne Palicki, this definitely seems to be the case. Speaking via TV Guide, here is a little bit of what the actress had to say:

“Season 1 of every show, you’re kind of just figuring it out, right? We were all so happy that it worked so well in the first place. [In Season 2] the journeys are bigger and more intense. This year it genuinely feels like we’re making mini-movies per episode, and the quality is a little different.”

Palicki and the rest of the cast were fairly lucky that a diehard contingent of fans discovered The Orville in season 1 and figured out precisely what it was. While it was similar to Galaxy Quest in terms of its sense of humor, it also didn’t abandon some of the heart or the joy of exploration that exists in Star Trek and some of the other classic space operas that are out there. It’s a mix of different things and every episode feels different. The more that the series can deliver on a number of things and constant twist around expectations, the happier we’re going to be as a viewer.

Now, we just have to hope that viewers are going to discover it and like it once more. The major reason for fear right now is that network shows don’t tend to fare well after super-long layoffs and the one for The Orville has been especially long. The first season premiered in the fall of 2017, and now we’re almost to the new year. Most shows on network TV don’t have to wait anywhere near this long to get back on television. Fingers crossed that it ends up being worthwhile. Luckily, it does seem like Fox is being fairly supportive of the work they are doing and with the show receiving a possible tax credit for a third season, there is some reason to have hope for the future.

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