Madam Secretary 100th episode review: Who got arrested?

Madam Secretary season 4Tonight, Madam Secretary aired its 100th episode on CBS in “Family Separation,” and we certainly think it is one that will be remembered. This was a harrowing, difficult episode to watch at times, largely because so much of the story was true to real-life events that are going on in the country at the moment.

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Let’s start by going through the very beginning of the episode, given that this is when we first learned about the Arizona Governor’s newly-created (and very controversial) policy of doing whatever he can in order to ensure that parents and children who crossed the border illegally from Mexico were separated. This is something that he staunchly defended throughout the episode, especially when Elizabeth and President Dalton chose to take him on. He wanted to think of his state almost as a completely separate entity from the Federal Government, and with that he really had no interest or care in what Mexico’s own ambassadors would think about the issue.

Following this, the next order of business for Elizabeth was go to the courtroom in hopes of finding a little bit more support there. Unfortunately, she didn’t find a whole lot of love there, either. This was a situation in which she found herself being shut out almost no matter where she turned, as there were people all across the board who had really no interest in helping her. She tried and she tried, but eventually, she determined that she was going to have to make a larger statement in order to appeal to the public. This is, in part, why she went with Kat Sandoval and also an ambassador to a local holding center in Arizona. She visited the children and saw the terrible conditions that they were living in.

Suffice it to say, the Governor did not like this, and nor did he like her speaking to reporters outside of the center and decrying his policy. This is why, in the closing minutes of the episode, he did what many cowards do — silence her at all costs. He had her arrested for trespassing, something that we feel will probably come back to bite him. If anything, it feels like this act of steadfast courage is going to be one of those things that really helps her out in terms of a larger political campaign down the line.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we realize that there were other events of note in this episode, including seeing Elizabeth and Henry prepare for a private vow renewal, the family separation part of the episode is going to be what sticks with viewers more so than anything. Elizabeth being arrested is an outstanding, emotional cliffhanger, and it does raise the stakes for whatever is coming in the second half of the season.

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