Madam Secretary season 5 episode 11 return date: Episode #101

Madam SecretaryFollowing tonight’s milestone episode, do you want to know the Madam Secretary season 5 episode 11 return date at CBS? We’ve got that within!

The first thing that we should note here is that, despite tonight’s “Family Separation” being just one part of a two-part installment, the network isn’t going to hurry to present to you the other side. There is no new episode coming up on the network next week; instead, come Sunday, January 6, the 101st episode of the show is going to air.

As for what you can expect, CBS didn’t actually release a separate installment for it. It’s basically just going to continue the saga of everything that you had a chance to see this time around with Elizabeth McCord and President Dalton battling the controversial Governor of Arizona. This is a man who is trying to separate children from their families at the US – Mexico border, and really doesn’t seem to have all that much of a problem doing so. He’s a person who has no problem going toe-to-toe with the federal government and this is one of Elizabeth’s biggest struggles so far. Clearly, this is someone she and Dalton may disagree with on many levels, but this person may also have some support. They have to figure out a way in which to navigate these extremely-difficult waters, especially since this policy will have an impact on Mexico, as well.

For those who do want to see something a little bit more personal to go along with the political storyline, rest assured that this is also happening. There are going to be some nice moments in here for Elizabeth and Henry, ones that may be especially comforting when you think about some of what they’re going to be otherwise taking on. Also, remember some of what’s going to be lying ahead for the two, as well, with a possible Presidential campaign on the horizon. These two need to cherish whatever moments that they can as a couple given that on the other side of them, there’s a pretty good chance that they may barely have a few seconds to breathe, let alone spend time as a couple.

While there are a number of stories still to come on the other side of the “Family Separation” arc, it is still clear that this is a story that should have lasting impact. The producers of Madam Secretary clearly want you to remember this story for a while; the objective here isn’t to just put this on the air and then make you forget about it down the road amidst everything else that is going to be happening.

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