Top reality shows we want back, from The Mole to Hunted to Whodunnit

Our plea -It’s interesting that we are living in this era where there is so much constant talk about possible revivals and reboots of various scripted shows. Yet, where’s some of the love for great reality TV? While there are some shows, like Queer Eye, that are getting a second run, there are a lot of great competition shows from years past that are equally worthy of love. This is what this particular article is all about! We’ve got five different shows below we think are worthy of another fun for a wide array of different reasons.

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The Mole – One of the most fascinating, cerebral reality shows out there, especially since the entire premise was about sniffing out an imposter who was sabotaging your team. On paper, it really feels like the perfect show for the social-media age, and yet it was last on ABC at a time in which Twitter wasn’t really a notable thing.

Hunted – CBS aired what we thought was a really fascinating reality-show concept back in early 2017, one where teams of two went on the run from a fantastic team of investigators who did everything they could in order to find them. Its ratings weren’t terrible by any means, but for some reason the network didn’t opt to bring it back. There was such an interesting potential for storytelling here, too!

Whodunnit – Yes, it was an incredibly cheesy ABC show that was basically murder mystery theater, but we don’t care since there was something really fun about it. Basically, it felt a lot like a more lighthearted version of The Mole all set around a particular estate. Also, some of the ways in which the show “killed off” contestants every week helped to make it fun.

King of the Nerds – Basically, it’s a celebration of what makes people nerdy and there was something really delightful about the first three seasons. They offered up a lot of comedy, and with that in mind, we do think that this is a show that is perfectly-suited for 2018, one that celebrates people who are different and encourage nerdy pursuits from some viewers.

Beauty and the Geek – Okay, we know that we’re biased here in featuring a series that we were once on — and we’ll be the first to admit that there are some superficial parts of it that do need to change. Yet, we think the essence of the show was good and had positive intentions: It’s about people getting to understand another’s worldview and actually better yourself as a person. There are so many messages that can be taken from this.

What reality competition shows do you want to see back on the air in the future? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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