Survivor: David vs. Goliath interview: Alison Raybould reflects on her season

Alison RaybouldAlison Raybould was our preseason pick to win for Survivor: David vs. Goliathand there was a lot to like about what she brought to the game. She was highly competitive, capable in challenges, and also had a good understanding of the strategic and social game. Unfortunately, what seemed to happen to her out there was that so many people were aware of these qualities and it made her a threat. She was targeted time and time again after the merge, but she still managed to make it all the way to fifth place.

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So what did Alison have to say about her game overall? Check out some of our thoughts in this CarterMatt interview, which happened on the red carpet after Wednesday’s finale.

CarterMatt – How is the feeling now that everything is over, and all of this information you’ve kept secret is now in the open?

Alison Raybould – I am feeling both liberated and also very sad. For much of the past year, so much of my life has been this Survivor experience from casting onward. Now, I can’t believe that this part of my journey is over, but now I’m looking forward to my next great adventure, which will be in the hospital as an oncologist.

I always wonder with players if there are various things in the game that keep them up late at night, but with you are there so many other stressful things going on that you are able to move forward a little bit easier?

When I first got back, for maybe a week, it kept me up at night. I was so close to winning. If I sat at the end with the right combination of people, I was winning this game. Certainly, it did eat away at me, but then I’m at the hospital and I’m admitting a patient with liver failure and the stresses in the game really pale in comparison to the stresses of this life in my hands.

I feel like in a lot of ways you and Christian were two peas in a pod, constantly ducking the ax that was being swung at you. At a certain point, do you recognize your Survivor mortality and you were just doing everything that you can [to stay alive]?

Absolutely. I said on day 37 that I wrote my death certificate by not winning immunity. That was the case. I had ducked and dodged so many times, but in between Nick winning immunity and Angelina having an idol, I was out of options. Mike and Kara were my closest allies in the game.

I don’t know how many people have survived having their name written down at five different Tribals in a row. I think had I been able to win an immunity and get to the final four immunity, it would’ve been a different story.

Everyone was apparently terrified of you out there, since they were constantly talking about how they had to get rid of you. What was it, in your mind, that they were the most afraid of?

It was my friendships with people. At the end of the day, all of the people sitting on the jury were people that I had connected with in a really profound way — even Elizabeth. In two days, we were able to talk about a hospitalization that completely changed her life. That was enough to get her to really respect and admire me. That goes on down the line. John was one of the most genuine people in this game. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Alec and my relationship with him. It was a bond like no other — we were brother and sister and we were 100% transparent.

Yeah, I was kind of a challenge threat — I knew puzzles, but I was a jury threat. I was someone people liked and respected.

Do you want to go back and do this again?

I absolutely would want to do this again. I think it’s an itch that you just want to scratch. I get a thrill in the hospital helping people, but this is something that you cannot replicate in real life. I like to challenge myself in unique ways and that is exactly what I did.

Also, I am the most-competitive person like Mike said, and I haven’t won yet! That’s what I came out there to do.

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