Following Outlander episode #50, when could the 100th episode air?

OutlanderThis weekend, Outlander season 4 is airing a new episode entitled “Wilmington,” one that just so happens to be the 50th installment of the series! While there are many shows out there that make it to the 50-episode mark, we definitely do think that this is still a cause of great celebration. It’s just so hard to get a new show off the ground, let alone a premium-cable show with this sort of size and scale. Outlander was an ambitious risk for Starz from the start, but it is one that has paid off in spades. It and Power are arguably the two flagship shows for the network, and that’s one of the reasons why both have stuck around on the air for as long as they have.

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So while we are celebrating episode #50 of Outlander, why not look ahead further to the future — and specifically a possible episode #100? This is a milestone that is a little bit more rare for premium-cable series, mostly because the majority of them only run with seasons that are anywhere from 10-13 episodes. Outlander managed to get to 50 at this point in part because of a larger season 1, but moving forward the episode count is going to decrease slightly. There are only 12 episodes in season 5 and season 6, respectively, the season 6 finale would be episode #79. It’s going to take a little bit longer to get to this milestone.

How much longer? Well, if Outlander continues to operate under 12-episode models moving forward, it would reach the 100th installment near the end of a potential season 8. That’d be a huge opportunity to celebrate, one complete with a red-carpet for that event itself. (We often see series choose to commemorate that sort of occasion in that way.)

As for when we would see that episode airing, it wouldn’t be for a long time. Our feeling is that season 5 won’t even premiere until 2020 given that filming hasn’t even kicked off for it yet. Meanwhile, that means that season 6 may not air until 2021. The earliest we could envision a season 8 premiere is 2023, but it could be even later given that Outlander often takes more than a year between the start of one season and the beginning of the next.

Is a 100th episode of Outlander attainable? Sure, especially since there is enough source material to get up to a potential season 10! It really just comes down to whether or not everyone involved wants to make it happen — but, if they do, we certainly hope you are patient…

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