Outlander season 4 episode 8 sneak peek: Roger and Bree’s reunion!

OutlanderOutlander season 4 episode 8 is airing on Starz on Sunday night, and we’ve got a sneak peek of one of the moments you’ve been waiting for!

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In the video at the bottom of this article, you can see Roger reunite with Brianna in North Carolina after a long and difficult voyage to make it to that point. The feelings between the two have always been clear, and that’s something that Roger reiterates to her here. He questions why she didn’t tell him in advance of her plan to come back through the stones, and she indicates that she didn’t know precisely where the two stood after their most-recent conversation. Roger makes it clear to her that his feelings for her haven’t changed, and this is a happy moment. Even though Bree claimed that she didn’t want him to come and find her, we think that this is one of those situations where she will come to appreciate his presence.

Yet, as happy as we are to see the two back together, we also can’t sit here with a straight face and say that this episode will be all sunshine and roses for these two characters. There’s a lot of drama coming up for these characters, including of the heartbreaking variety. This episode will feature a number of big highs and lows, and the same could even be said for some of the ones that follow it.

One thing that we’re superficially interested in seeing develop in this episode is the dynamic between Brianna and Lizzie, her new servant-of-sorts. She kept her from a perilous situation in Scotland before buying passage to America, so what happens next? Do the two form a sort of friendship? It’s one of the only times Brianna has had in this time period to communicate with someone her own age.

Another reminder

This episode of Outlander will feature the big return of Jamie and Claire after a brief absence from the show, and they will be taking on a challenge that is rather political in nature. The Governor is going to be quite upset about the Regulator movement, but that puts Jamie into quite the bind. After all, one of these said Regulators is Murtaugh, who he cares about perhaps more than anyone!

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